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Metal Stand - MSHM Metal Stand - GSFC2
Our Price: $2.75
Our Price: $2.75
One piece, tilt-resistant design.  The Metal Stands sit in the drip tray and stand in between two rollers. Stand only, signs are sold separately.
Metal Stand 2" x 7.25" single stem with Built-in Rails. Painted black gloss powder coated.  Stand only, signs sold separately. Black Metal Stand; 7.25" tall
Sleeve Holder Pan Minder 1 MAX
Our Price: $13.20
Our Price: $3.30
Sleeve Holder that sits next to your grill and holds the product sleeves. Pan Minder 1 MAX for food pans, high temperature plastic one piece.  Signs sold separately.
Drip Tray Sign Rollerdek Clip MAX
Our Price: $82.50
Our Price: $3.25
Shroud and sign for front control area of grill POS sign holder for most Separator Bars.